What does 'partnered' school mean?

‘Partnered’ means that a school has some of their sixth form students volunteering as tutors so that the pupils at their school can have access to free 1-2-1 tutoring and subject notes.

How much does it cost the school?

Nothing!  All we ask in return is that you keep us honest and up-to-date about what your pupils need to succeed.

10 Advantages of Being a 'Partnered' School

1. We are different to other tutor companies

Ecmtutors was set up by teachers to help, not to maximise profits.  Just like all schools and unlike many corporate businesses social objectives are at our core.

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2. We work with the school not against it

We believe other tutoring companies are getting it wrong when they aren’t connecting with schools.  We believe no one knows what help students need better than their teachers and no one knows which students would make good tutors better than their schools.  That’s why you tell us which tutors to recruit and therefore you can direct the students to tutors you know can help.


3. We aim to fill the gaps in education created by Covid

The UK government has put 1 billion pounds into the National Tutoring Programme.  As international school teachers, we were so frustrated that none of this money was available for international schools (and even more frustrated to discover there wasn’t even an attempt to create a comparable scheme) that we decided to design one.  Currently, the UK government is paying for about four 1-2-1 lessons for children who need it.  We are offering five!

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4. You can offer your parents tutors you trust and that know your systems

If you partner with Ecmtutors you choose which of your students volunteer on the site, which then allows them to become paid Senior Tutors.  This allows you to direct pupils and parents to tutors who can explain your systems, saving your teachers and managers time.  What is more those students will also probably know your teaching staff personally and can therefore work effectively together to help the current pupil.

5. Improve your pupils' motivation and aspirations by benchmarking

As tutors display all of their qualifications and exam scores on the site, pupils are able to see clearly not only what success looks like but also the benefits that come as a result of it.

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6. Note sharing

Tutors are encouraged to share their subject and revision notes on the site.  We know how much pupils currently rely on generic Z-notes so we believe there are huge benefits to pupils of former students sharing the notes that were made specifically to correspond to your school’s teaching.

7. Develop Workplace Skills

Unlike other tutoring sites, we are absolutely passionate about improving not only the pupil’s skills and knowledge but also the tutor’s.  Much has been written about workplace skills in education and we support it wholeheartedly.

 Our site gives the tutors the control and responsibility to grow.  We teach, web design, marketing, self-promotion and entrepreneurial skills to mention just a few.

8. Encourage your students to do more for the school and surrounding community

Again, we are teachers and we know how important that is and potentially how difficult it can be to incentivise pupils to help.  We know how often the phrase ‘it will look good on your university application’ gets used.  We don’t disagree, we just think financial incentives in the short term could also be an extremely strong push. That’s why you decide which children deserve the chance to become paid tutors and have a flexible job that earns around 20 euros per hour!

9. Improve the CV of your students and their University Applications

As we said, we don’t disagree! We know how competitive the world of work and university entrance is and that’s why we take voluntary work so seriously.  We don’t just let children write general statements about how they help.  We certify every hour they volunteer and even offer gold and diamond awards.  We fight to ensure that universities and employers recognise what they have achieved.

Certificate available for peer tutoring

10. We connect your school community

Perhaps most importantly of all, we believe that schools shouldn’t forget about their students once they leave nor that pupils should forget about their school.  Our site is designed to continue the relationship until the former pupil has completed their higher education and successfully found a job.  University is expensive and challenging. We want to provide the best part-time employment opportunity possible that fits around their studies all while giving back to the school community that facilitated their success.


If you would like your school to become involved in this project or just want to find out more.

Please contact us below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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The Growth of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is here to stay.  It’s the fastest-growing sector in Edtech and perhaps one of the fastest-growing sectors in any industry. The rapid expansion of companies like GoStudent, with a 3 billion euro valuation and a mission to expand around the world, means that online 1-2-1 tutoring is soon to become a staple in all schools. 

The reasons for such rapid expansion are simple: 

It’s needed, it works and it’s proven to work!

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What does the UK government think about tutoring?

They have invested over a billion pounds into a National Tutoring Programme and are now providing £349 million directly to UK schools.

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