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Daniela Hernandez Mendez

Head of Upper School, Canterbury School, Gran Canaria

School I am currently teaching at

Canterbury School, Gran Canaria


Spanish (native)
English Fluent


General School Advice
Physical Education


I’m Spanish but have taught at British Schools for the past 15 years. I believe this mix allows me to empathise with international parents and pupils unfamiliar with the international educational system and clearly guide them through any challenges they present.

As a full-time Head of Upper School, I have limited availability; however, I am keen to support this project and help students in any way that I can.


For the past 4 years, I have been working as Head of Upper School at Canterbury School in Gran Canaria, which follows the UK National Curriculum. This year it has been voted among the ’50 Most Oustanding Schools in Spain’ for the second consecutive year.

As Head of Upper School, I oversee the year 10 and 11 students, and therefore I am thoroughly familiar with the IGCSE process.

Despite being a Senior Leader, I still have a huge passion for my subject and relish my time in the classroom. As a qualified physiotherapist, I particularly enjoy the theoretical parts of Physical Education and Biology.

Exam Specification Currently Teaching

IGCSE Cambridge Physical Education





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