My project-4

Krishna A Mahbubani Nainani

Senior Tutor, British School of Gran Canaria


Spanish= A-level (native)

English= Fluent

German= B2


Trinity College Dublin


TR064: Environmental Science and Engineering

2nd-year student currently

Graduation date 2027

About Me

I am a passionate and positive tutor willing to help and guide students to achieve their maximum potential. I truly do believe that everyone has a skillset and the potential to succeed at whatever they put their heart and passion into.

How I Can Help

I have tutored German at a beginner level for the last 2 summers, as well as tutoring Maths at a beginner level last summer.

I can help students as I have a patient and simple-to-understand tutoring method that is organized in such a way that the student will be self-sufficient and efficiently taught all the content they require.

IGCSE Results

9: Double award Science,

9: German

8: Geography

8: Maths

8: Spanish literature

8: English Literature

8: Business Studies

7: English Language

7: Spanish Language

AS-level  Results

A Further Maths

B: Spanish

A-level Results

A* Geography

A* Maths

A: Physics,

Subjects I Offer

Geography, Physics and Maths

Other Relevant Qualifications and Interests

Selected out of 25 students for the Rotary Club Scholarship for German

Academic Achievement in Yr13 of Highest academic achievement in the school year.

Really Hard Things I enjoy Explaining

I really enjoy physical geography and its links to Society, Physics experiments and theory and Maths

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