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María Fons

Professional Language Teacher, Aiglon College, Switzerland

School I am currently teaching at

Aiglon College in Switzerland


Spanish, French, Italian – all fluently.

My mother tongue is Spanish and I have C1 level in French and C2 in Italian


Spanish Languague & Literature for the DP programme

Spanish Language B Dp Programme (SL & HL)

Italian B (HL & SL)

French Ab Initio

French GCSE

Spanish GCSE

Spanish A level


I am a creative, resourceful, and caring person, and my teaching enthuses students via an innovative curriculum and vibrant cultural programme.

I offer Spanish fun, rewarding one-to-one lessons. I specialise in teaching & preparing students for the IGCSE, IB and AP exams but I have also experience teaching adults.

My teaching has a communicative approach combined with a good basis of explicit and implicit grammar. I offer conversation-based lessons, beginner lessons, preparations for exams, and challenging lessons for those who are already at an advanced level.


I am a well-qualified linguist with years of experience as a World Languages Teacher (Spanish, French and Italian) and as a Spanish literature teacher in the IB having taught students from many different countries, across a range of age groups, and from diverse backgrounds.

Exam Specification Currently Teaching

I am teaching GCSE Spanish and French

I am teaching DP Spanish Ab Initio, Spanish B and I also teach Spanish A Literature





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