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Mario Pons

Professional Computer Science Teacher, American Community School, Abu Dhabi

School I am currently teaching at

American Community School, Abu Dhabi


Spanish (native)
English Fluent


Computer Science
Information Technology


I lived in London, where I completed my degree in Computer Science. Despite having worked in the industry as a freelancer, my career’s bearings have always pointed in the direction of education. In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I lead a team of five as head of the C.S and Tech Dept. In my previous schools I’ve always had an active role in the strategic planning of the ICT development both short and long term as well as manage the IT tech team, helping me develop a sound knowledge of both management of ICT systems in the context of school environments and its complexities as well as the need for constant research and development of educational tools to assist the technological learners of today.

Throughout my teaching career I’ve mainly taught in secondary schools, however I’ve also had the opportunity to teach primary too. I’ve always played an enthusiastic part in extra-curricular activities including robotics: LEGO EV3, VEX, Arduino automation, resistant materials and 3D printing, makerspace, school yearbook and journalism, rock band, juggling, and a wide variety of sports. As part of my CPD I’ve had the chance to attend and participate in numerous workshops and seminars of the most diverse subjects such as Emotional Intelligence, Active Learning, and recapping on all aspects of teaching and learning, assessment for learning, etc. I’m an active participant in SEACSTA, a collaborative network of over a hundred C.S. teachers from around the world.


Throughout my nineteen-year career, I’ve worked at five international schools, where I’ve had the opportunity to take on diverse roles. I’ve been lucky to be part of the shift schools made from teaching ICT to Computing, in a similar way they’re now promoting STEAM, AI, R&D, and the necessary skills and higher order thinking to develop innovative technological solutions to problems for business as well as global challenges.

In my previous schools I’ve had the opportunity to explore the American system’s Common Core Standards based education, the British National Curriculum as well as the Chinese National Curriculum. I have taught GCSE and A-level for CIE and Edexcel. As part of my job, I have marked and moderated coursework for both ICT and Business Studies and am now aiding our school’s IB coordinator plan and roll out the Computer Science DP program that will be introduced next academic year. As head of department, I’ve been an integral member of the committee driving the school through the whole IBDP accreditation process, from designing the CS DP course to reviewing policies, and ensuring the whole program is effective and meets IB standards.

My role as IT manager involved maintaining the IT infrastructure, developing the reporting system, redesigning, developing, and managing the school websites, VLE, etc.

Exam Specification Currently Teaching

AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles





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