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Peter Maurice

Professional Chemistry Teacher, Cairo English School

School I am currently teaching at

Cairo English School






I am an PGCE certified, experienced, and passionate IGCSE Chemistry teacher with a comprehensive background in curriculum development and student learning. I have a proven track record of successfully teaching and inspiring students of all ages and abilities to achieve their maximum potential. I am also highly knowledgeable in IGCSE Chemistry topics and have an excellent understanding of assessment and evaluation
techniques. My strong communication and interpersonal skills enable me to develop positive relationships with students, parents, and colleagues. I am committed to providing an engaging and stimulating learning environment and I am confident that I can make a real difference to the success of any Chemistry department


8 years as a secondary school teacher
4 years as an online tutor
I believe I have developed a reputation among my pupils as a friendly, understanding instructor with the capacity to simplify the difficult and inspire and motivate.
I provide my students with the following:
• a thorough understanding of the subject of chemistry
• a full comprehension of the material and the criteria used by the examiner.
• solid recommendations for how to study, revise, and get ready for tests.
• practice solving of past papers

• study notes and materials as well as classified questions

I have taught or tutored for all the major test boards throughout my career, during which there have been several modifications to the syllabus and changes to the exams. Keeping up with changes to the curriculum and pedagogical theory so that I may design lesson plans that include them is an important aspect of my profession.

Exam Specification Currently Teaching

Cambridge IGCSE Chemistry 0620/0971





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