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Zena Williams

Professional English Language Teacher, Canterbury School, Gran Canaria

School I am currently teaching at

Canterbury School, Gran Canaria


English (native)
Spanish Fluent


General School Advice

English Language Key Stage 3 & 4

Geography Key Stage 3


My passion is sport and I competed at a national level in athletics both in the UK and Spain. I also wanted to become involved in grassroots sport and gained my qualifications to become a qualified FA football coach, successfully working with a team for the four years I was based in the UK. I am also a qualified athletics coach and have worked alongside other coaches with Liverpool Pembroke Athletics club for many years.
I also have an interest in travelling. I have visited many countries and enjoyed learning about new cultures and trying different foods.
Learning Spanish was something that I am proud of as I enjoy communicating with others and having the opportunity to live and work in another country and become fully emerged in the culture, is very important to me.


I am a highly motivated, knowledgeable teacher, with over twenty years experience as a classroom teacher from reception age to GCSE level pupils. Throughout my teaching career I have developed excellent team-building skills. I have the ability to energise groups when motivation is low, through humour and enthusiasm. I am always positive and enjoy praising my colleagues and students at every given opportunity. I have excellent organisational skills and have had the opportunity to create and run many sporting and social events. I am organised and efficient and have worked hard to gain excellent OFSTED results on more than one occasion. I have had the experience of working in inner-city schools and also in the private sector.
Beginning as a qualified Primary School Teacher, I gained experience in year groups ranging from reception up to Year 6. As well as being a classroom teacher, I also worked for the local authority in St Helens (UK) promoting ‘Sport For All’ throughout the borough.
I have worked in an international school for a total of twenty years and was appointed Deputy Head in 2010. With training, I progressed into becoming a strong leader, always ensuring that the teachers and pupils reached their full potential.
In 2017 I decided to challenge myself and move to the secondary department. Having a passion for literature and an interest in how teenagers learn, I moved over successfully and enjoy the everyday challenges this age group brings.

Exam Specification Currently Teaching

IGCSE English as a Second Language (Cambridge)





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