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Our aim is to provide as many free lessons as we can!

We have 3 Types of Tutors

Tutor (free!)

These are only available to pupils from partnered schools

Senior Tutors (17-25 euros per hour)

These are university students who have previously volunteered as tutors and received excellent reviews.

Professional Teacher (35-45 euros per hour)

These are professional, fully qualified teachers and can, therefore offer the most specialist and up-to-date resources and advice. 

All lessons take place online using video conferencing software like zoom. Anytime. Anywhere. All you need is a stable internet connection!

What people say

I had a great experience learning business studies with Pablo. He was very patient with me and encouraged me to ask any questions I had. He explained the concepts clearly and gave me useful feedback. Even though we lived in different time zones, he was flexible with the schedule and accommodated my availability. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to learn business studies in a fun and engaging way.


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